About Us

Central Ship Management is an experienced provider of International Maritime Transportation services, shipping liquid and dry bulk commodities worldwide.

With a team of highly experienced personnel, Central Ship Management with offices in Dubai, Fujairah and Singapore, is committed and dedicated to delivering the highest standards of technical services to our customers.

The day to day management and operation is carried out in such a way that guarantees :
Integrity, Transparency, the highest possible Efficiency, and the outmost Safety of our people, our vessels and the cargoes we carry. Further, guaranteeing the ultimate respect for the Marine Environment.

The Company’s Vision is to become a Leader in providing Safe, Quality, cost effective and Integrity driven Ship Management services to its clients

The Company’s Mission is to deliver on time, every time all cargoes carried on its managed fleet, in the safest possible manner, protecting the Marine environment, and ensuring safety of the company’s seafarers and the public at large.


The shore based team of Central Ship Management is comprised by highly experienced ex seagoing employees who understand that Shipping is one of the most challenging, demanding and competitive industries. Every employee is always ready to deliver the highest quality of services to our customers, whether that means transporting cargoes responsibly and efficiently, or operating vessels safely, and in accordance with all International maritime regulations, to ensure sustainable operations.


In an effort to control the most critical aspects of ship management, Central Ship Management utilizes almost exclusively, some of the most professional manning agencies, based in Manila, Odessa and Mumbai that provide highly competent seafarers. In this way, we ensure that the crew onboard our vessels are always comprised of highly trained, experienced seafarers, and most importantly with the right attitude and culture to fit Central Ship Management’s requirements.


We believe that operating and collaborating are two sides of the same coin. Thus, Central Ship Management is in a constant search for the most reliable partners in the maritime industry, making sure that each and every aspect of our operations is transparent and meets the level of responsibility and professionalism that we value as a company.


  • Integrity and Ethics

    Central Ship Management is religiously abiding by the company's mission, vision, values and ethical principles. Honesty and integrity is built in Central’s culture. The company’s main objective is to ensure responsible and ethical management of services from a cost, health, safety and environmental point of view.

  • Professionalism

    The team is constantly upgrading themselves by enhance its professional knowledge, skills and apply them in practice. Transparency, honesty, quality and integrity are principles which identify Central Ship Management core values. Central Ship Management is fully committed to Excellence, striving to adopt best practices for managing the organization, in order to achieve the most sustainable and competitive results.

  • Respect for People

    Regardless of age, race, gender or ethnicity, anyone can earn respect by conducting themselves with integrity. Gaining the respect of others comes by demonstrating confidence, leadership, trustworthiness and kindness. Central’s day to day operations are based on practicing the above mentioned attributes when it comes to dealing with its Employees and Clients, (the company’s most important stakeholder groups). Central Ship Management furthermore, is striving to keep both groups gratified, motivated, engaged and involved in the company’s processes.

  • Our Responsibility

    Central’s employees are totally committed to respecting and safeguarding life, property and the environment we operate in. We all believe that being responsible for protecting life, property and the Environment; it is the most important building block of Central's development. We strongly believe that, we form part of the Maritime collective responsibility, to ensure a hand over of a sustainable Environment to the next generations.



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Vessel Name Type Capacity (DWT) Year Flag
MV Victorius Bulk Carrier 171,314 MT 2004 Isle of Man
MV Good Hope Max Bulk Carrier 76,739 MT 2005 Isle of Man
MT Aqua 6 Oil Tanker 6510 MT 2010 Singapore
MT Aqua Terra 7 Oil Tanker 6510 MT 2012 Singapore
MT Pacific Faith Oil Tanker 6941 MT 2007 Singapore
MT Pacific Spirit Oil Tanker 6941 MT 2007 Singapore
MT Sonny Oil Tanker 6416 MT 1994 Liberia
MT Lorenzo Sea Oil Tanker 7550 MT 2008 Liberia
MT Heredia Sea Oil Tanker 7550 MT 2008 Liberia

Contact Us

Dubai UAE

Central Ship Management Ltd. (DMCC Branch)
808 JBC1, Cluster “G”, Jumeirah Lakes Towers.
Dubai. UAE

Email : central@centralships.com
Telephone : +971 4 3605033
Fax : +971 4 554 5967
P.O. Box : 124747 Dubai U.A.E.

Fujairah Free Zone, UAE

Central Ship Management Ltd (Fujairah Branch)
Fujairah Free Zone.

Email : central@centralships.com
Telephone : +971 4 3605033
Fax : +971 4 554 5967
P.O. Box : 124747 Dubai U.A.E.

Singapore – Southeast Asia

Central Ship Management Pte Ltd
No.33 Ubi Avenue 3 #08-13 Vertex Tower B
Singapore 408868

Email : central.sg@centralships.com
Telephone : +6591870596
Telephone : +6565226906

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